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As a photographer known more for my color images, I thought this would be a good opportunity to show some of my black and white work which doesn't get as much exposure. I particularly like B&W because of its inherent abstract quality.

My goal as a photographer is to observe and make visible the slow, relentless passage of time, and to capture the mystery of the moment, or perhaps "the indecisive moment", of what is about to happen or about to pass. I want my pictures to have a certain degree of ambiguity.
I see photography more like meditation, or a metaphorical quest. To me it is a continuum, a journey with no beginning and no end, just an ongoing process of discovery, and a license to stand in the Presence, and to witness the fleeting Now. My role as an artist is to free the psyche and re-invent the dream. I want my photographs to inspire and communicate a fresh sense of wonder.

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